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NEWS from the AKATO

New Black Belts
May 4. Richardson YMCA
After a tough exam the AKATO welcomes several martial artists to the coveted rank of black belt. Drew Jenkins, Mark Hollon, Amiee Hollon, Cole Adams, and Journey Bray all earned their shodan (first degree). Lyman Roark demonstrated his sword skills for 4th degree and Stephen Starnes performed an Arnis demonstration for his 7th degree black belt. Congratulations to these dedicated students of the martial arts. See the photo page.

The seminars and banquet were a great success. Congratulations to all the deserving award winners (see below). And to see images go to
Lyman Roark’s website to purchase photos of the banquet award winners.

Hidden Sword Martial Arts: Kate Bradbury/Jackie & Kevin Bradbury
Alpha Self-Defense McKinney: Daniel Vasquez
American Karate: Adri Ebrahim
Renbudo Karate: Vivica McNeil
Cypress Martial Arts: Tim Horn
Denison Family Karate: Jarrett Cornelius
Garland YMCA: Neha Sawhney
Richardson YMCA/Tuesday: Jeff  Wright
Richardson YMCA/Saturday: Brenda Petersen
Richardson YMCA Little Dragons: Vanessa Rangel
Hands On Karate: Abbie & Ammie Cisnero
Iss Hogai JuJutsu: Jerry D. Smith
North Texas Karate: RayAnn Schooling
Strom’s Black Bet Academy: Olga Iglesias
Blue Cliff Taekwondo: Kris Smith
Contender Martial Arts: Taylor Post
Lake Highlands YMCA: Ricardo Ponte
Plano Self-Defense: Kris Kelly
Marudo Karate: Michael Chu

Courtesy: Fade Kouhery, Shiran Erlich
Humility: Sebastian & Christian Bishop
Integrity: Heath Coles, Adam Flyod
Perseverance: Justin Davis, Kenny Robbins, Katherine Wright, Jon Caparrelli, Cedric Charles
Self-Control: Daniel Skipper
Indomitable Spirit: Angel Montano

Instructor of the Year: Kathy Rhine