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Mark Kline
Kaizen Martial Arts Kata Bassai (Ryukyo Kempo): Kyusho Jitsu & Tuite as related to Kata
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): Principles of Kata Interpretation, Secrets of kata
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): 15 Simple Kyusho (Pressure point) techniques to save your life
Mark Kline & John Festa
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): Essentials 1 – Kinesiology, Defining the nuances that increase the success potential of techniques
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): Takedowns & Their Defenses, How to recognize the best available points
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): Defense against a boxer
Kyusho (Pressure Point Fighting): Attack Defense counter, drills to increase/enhance kyusho skills
Tuite (Pressure Point Grappling): Dynamic Grappling Drills, drills to increase/enhance grappling skills
Dan Anderson
Fast Track Arnis Training Program: A simple 10 lesson method that will teach you all the essential basics for Arnis skill
Dan Anderson & Bram Frank
Stick & Steel Seminar 2008: Analysis of Modern Arnis cane and bolo actions.
Tony Annesi
Inside the Kumite Gap: Karate In-fighting for self-defense
Bassai-Dai: Takeshin karate-do Analysis, Testing, & Applications
Annesi LIVE – Bassai & the elements of self-defense, from AKATO Seminar in Texas
Wankan/Matsukaze: Kata comparison
Annesi LIVE – Wankan theory & practice: from AKATO Seminar in Texas
Vince Morris
Essential Bunkai of the Heian Kata
Essential defensive bunkai of all 5 heian/pinan kata
Essential bunkai fo the kata gojushi-ho (54 steps)
Essential Kissaki-Kai Karate-Do
Detailed instruction in the 5 levels of Kissaki-Kai karate-do
Atemi-waza, shime-waza, ne-waza, nage-waza and kansetsu-waza
Nujushiho – the principles & bunkai
Introduction to the essential bunkai of the Shotokan kata nijushiho
The Secret Art of Pressure Point Fighting
Simple and easy to learn methods of using the body’s vulnerable areas to deal with a variety of common attacks
Law Enforcement Training Services (LETS) COP COMBAT and HOSTAGE DEFENSE
Defensive tactics for police officers and concerned civilians
Edged weapon defense, firearm defense and firearm retention training.